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Beta Software Site - please use any of these software own your own risk.


Latest Beta Firmware: 1.3.0 Build  12.11.2020 DOWNLOAD update.bin

The current CP700.INI

Release History

To update the CP700BMW follow these steps:

1. Copy the update.bin to the root directory of a SD card. Please check it is not called update(1).bin. Else, delete any update.bin and try again.
2. Disconnect CP700
3. Insert the SD card
4. Connect the CP700 with loaded card
5. Wait untill the LED flashes red for about 20 seconds.
6. After that, it should restart and go green again and is ready for play.

Please delete the INDEX folder after updating.

CP checker tool

This tool will check all of your files on your card (inside folders 1 to 6) for compatible sampling rate (44.1kHz) and for supported modes (Stereo/Joint Stereo)

Please use on your own risk! Make sure you have backed up your files also to another drive before running this tool! The original files will be renamed to *.mp3.old. Please also check that you have enough space on your SD card!