Get more Music enjoyment while driving your BMW - with the MP3-Player CP700BMW

For BMW E60,E61,E63,E64,E65,E66,E70,E71,E87,E88,E89,E90,E91,E92,E93 mit Navigation, Radio Professional 


CP730BMW Front m


CP730BMW frontside m

Plenty of space! 256GB instead of only 6 CDs!

Delete music or eject media because there is no more space for your music colelction? FORGET IT! The CP730BMW emulates the original CD Changer by using a SD Memroy Card. Up to 256 GigaBytes and up to 50'000 MP3 tracks are supported!

HIGH SPEED! Up to 100 times faster than the original CD Changer!

Because the CP730BMW does not use any mechanical storage, access time is extremly fast. Browse through your music collection within milliseconds!

All control and display stays original. No additional buttons or screens!

The operation stays as it is. All steering wheel controls, voice recognition works as before. But now, you can organize your music into folders, sub-folders, genres and so on.

The CP730BMW is fully integrated into the car!

No trouble codes, no interference with other options like hands-free. The CP730BMW will be fully rekonized as CD changer. No BMW dealer os service station will find any trace of non original electronics in your car diagnosis 

CP730BMW backside m

Installation / Connection

The CP700BMW uses exactly the same connector as the original CD changer. If htere was already and original CD changer installed in your car, you just unplug it and plug in the CP700. That's it. Additional wiring is only required, if there was never any CD changer installed before. *Depending on the car equipment from stock, it may be possible that you need to activate (coding over OBD) features lile "CD Changer" or "MP3 Chagner".

Most Kabel m The ultimate CD changer replacement for all BMW cars with fiber optical MOST® network


CP730 E65screen m Menu display in a 740i E65 LCI 2006
TextScreens Menu  display in a 550i E60 2005

Radio display in a 123d E87 2007


Please note that the use of folder names and browsing the option "MP3" bzw +KMP3 (NCS) must be acticvated in your car. If there was never been a CD changer in your car, you have to add the extra option "SA672 CD Changer" by OBD diagnosis system. Ask us for help if you are unsure at this point.


Supported BMW Models:



E60 5 sedan

E61 5 station wagon

E63 6 Coupé

E64 Cabio

E65 7

E66 7 long version

E70 X5

E71 X6

E81 1 three doors

E82 1 Coupé

E87 1 five doors

E88 1 Cabrio

E89 Z4

E90 3 sedan

E91 station wagon

E92 Coupé

E93 Cabrio

ALPINA B5, B5S, B6 B6S, B7




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